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It is believed that credit card companies do their darndest to appeal more customers. It's all so true regarding credit users with good or excellent credit rating. And as for customers who face serious credit difficulties, credit card companies wash their hands, they don't have the least wish to deal with such customers. A recent study of credit card trends in the U.K. has shown interesting results. Increasingly, creditors are clamping down on credit card applications so that millions of consumers have been rejected. To be more exact, nearly 10% of Britons have been refused a credit card since March. Let's take a close look at this situation!

First and foremost, credit card companies are interested in big profits. Let's assume that you are a creditor, would you like to lend money to a debtor? One must be really mad to do it. Yet, we all know that some credit issuers offer special credit card applications for cardholders with bad credit history.

By all means, bad credit cards are far from ideal. Still, they give you a good chance to establish your credit history. It's no surprise why lending organizations are so cautious to approve credit card applications of credit users whose credit rating leaves much to be desired. Credit companies are rather strict to such clients and generally offer pretty high interest rates and fees.

Turbulent credit card markets are not the best scenario for credit cardholders. Meaning, credit card companies become extremely choosy after another credit crunch, and cardholders with spotty credit histories suffer most of all. That's why financial experts are not so shocked with credit card interest rate hikes in the U.K.

It's worth mentioning that the main concern is those credit users who already face enormous debts. With increasing credit card rates and fees, it becomes even more difficult to cope with their credit card debts. And these drastic changes in the U.K. credit industry promise to hit family budgets of millions.

However, analysts admit that it's quite sensible for credit issuers to reject credit card applications from people who are up to the ears in debts. Creditors take certain measures in response of the losses because of bad debtors. By rising interest rates on credit cards, credit issuers want to make it harder for cardholders to apply for a new card in order to cover their previous credit card debts.

Furthermore, credit card companies, influenced by the credit squeeze, have increased credit card fees as well so that credit users will spend millions on credit cards. Cash interest rates and cash advanced fees are also on the increase. Foreign exchange fees are no exception to this tendency. As you see, U.K. creditors try to protect themselves from credit card charges associated with bad credit.

Oddly enough, credit card spending this year seems to smash all the records. Probably, the reason for that is heavy holiday spendings that have become common occurrence at the end of the year. Holidays are great fun until you fall in credit card debts. So, try to stay vigilant while doing the next shopping spree this weekend.