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I love to shop, in fact shopping and travelling are my two favorite preoccupations. Shopping relaxes me and traveling rejuvenates me. When it comes to both, I use my credit cards to pay. Credit cards are a big part of how much I purchase and where I travel and what flights I book. I find that loyalty to a card and clocking up on air miles is quite exciting. Whenever I shop I do so thinking of certain must have deals, having some exciting offers on my credit cards when I shop makes it all the more better. Somehow, I just don't worry about anything when I know my cards are in place and I am actually saving with every purchase. When I find some bonus coupons and exciting discounts on my favorite brands it makes me all the more enthusiastic to use my card.

Credit cards have been a very useful tool for me, I never imagined I could win ever so many offers on just shopping. Be it groceries or at my favorite clothing outlet, credit card deals make my day just superb. I find that being loyal to using a card gets me even better deals. I have got a new card with a higher credit limit and a lower rate of interest following five years of using my cards right. I never miss due dates, I have found that when I first started, although interest rates were higher once I used my card judiciously and cleared all my payments things just got smoother.

When using my card, my most common problem was that I would lose track of which card was due on what date, having multiple cards can be a problem you see. So what I did to sort things out was that I had a checking account opened which would make the payment due to my card from my salary account each month, that way I do not have to worry about missing payments or bad credit scores. When I did get a poor credit score, I decided to change things by going for a secured credit card. It also helped to have my husband co-sign on a credit card, his use and payments being more prompt helped me to get out of the fix and have a good credit score in no time.

Credit cards can be a lot of fun if used right, if you cannot handle the interest rates you are using it at, try to see if you can find a card with a lower interest rate, it might not come with rewards or offers, but you will definitely spend less, as you will not binge shop when you know you are not getting any offers. If you wish your children to learn to spend responsibly while in college give them a prepaid credit card, they cannot go over the limit, and you know they will not end up with any bad credit scenarios. Credit cards must be sued with care, or you can burn your fingers!