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Research: Five things the best credit cards offer -

Credit cards offer some excellent rewards and features especially to those who have a very good credit history. That is the reason why it is important to choose wisely when it comes to credit cards. Here are some of the finest features on offer in credit cards.

A regular monthly expense report

This is an excellent feature that you must make use of. The monthly expense report offers two benefits. Firstly, you will be able to check if there are any fraudulent charges in your report, which must be avoided. Secondly, it will also help you draw a comparison between your income and the expenses. That will allow you to see whether you are spending unnecessarily anywhere. Thus, it will help you manage your finances and improve your credit history to a great extent.

Reward points for expenses

There are credit cards that offer a stipulated number of reward points for all your expenses. The best offers are those where you don’t have any caps as to how many points you can redeem, when you can redeem and where you could redeem your points. Thus, it is an interesting way of making all your expenses count to something for you. Some credit cards which have brand tie-ups give the additional benefit of restaurant discounts and access to special lounges across the world, which is especially useful for those who travel a lot and around the world.

Security features

Good credit card companies offer some excellent security features, which will ensure that there is no fraudulent usage of your card in any way. There are cards which will even alert you by sending messages when your card has been charged for big expenses or when it has been charged at merchant stores quite a distance away from your usual location. Intuitive features like this make sure that no one gets hold of your card and starts using it as they like.

Insurance coverage

There are some credit cards that come with some additional coverage for the card holder. For example, some cards offer travel insurance while some offer lost baggage reimbursement. This additional feature is a nice add-on to have on your card especially when you travel frequently.

Quick service

There are several features offered by good credit cards that fall under this category. There are cards which offer an add-on roadside assistance, round the clock, so that you can call a hotline number when you are in some sort of trouble. Similarly, credit card holders get a hotline number where they can call and report card theft, so that it is locked immediately before someone else makes undue use of your credit card. It is also interesting to note that some credit card companies will actually give you cash advance so that you don’t have trouble with your expenses while you are waiting for your lost or stolen card to be replaced. All these features ensure that you have a fantastic experience as far as making use of the card is concerned.