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Research: Free Card Benefits -

There is a set of standard credit card benefits designed to entice more customers into a bank's business. More customers mean more collections in interest charges, annual and rewards membership fees and merchant fees. The bank' aim is to make you apply and to keep you loyal as long as possible. The issuer picks up customers with various payment records if they look promising in terms of revenues. To keep them using its services, it offers free of additional charge benefits, such as instant approval and sign-up bonuses, 0 rates on balance transfers, rewards and insurance programs.

Such generous and free benefits encourage you to spend more on everyday purchases ranging from groceries to car rentals and travel booking. While you use the card for every little item and carry some little balance, you are in the business generating stable revenues for the issuing company.

The analysis of rewards incentives singles out the most popular rebate, or cash back offer. Available basically for good credit applicants, cash rebates are found on best low interest offers from Discover, American Express, Citibank, Chase Bank and Capital One. The rewards scheme works like discounts, giving from 1 to 5% back on the purchase price. The greatest percentage of the rebate (up to 6%) is accumulated on eligible purchases defined by the agreement. It may be gas stations, grocery and drug stores and participating merchants.

The rebate rewards are mostly profitable for shoppers looking to save on everyday purchases. If you own a car and want to reduce the cost of filling it up, a gas rebate card is particularly good. On collecting an eligible amount of cash back, you can receive it as a credit to your account, a gift card or a check. It is fast and simply way to earn spare money financing your everyday needs.

Another reward incentive is created for frequent travelers and includes airline miles and hotel rewards. You can choose a program attached to a particular airline. It means you're to buy goods and services of only this company to be eligible for miles rewards. Or you can find a scheme good for all major American airlines and have greater freedom and flexibility redeeming the miles.

Hotel points are invaluable when your business trips take several days of staying in the foreign country. A certain number of points is redeemable for a hotel stay and allows holding business meetings in the room if it is specified by the application's terms and conditions.

A substantial benefit offered by major card applications is travel accident and car rental insurance. It means if you get a rental car broken or suffer from an accident while traveling, your bank will pay for related expenses up to the specified amount. To be eligible for the coverage, you must pay for car rental or tip with your card.

A few companies will offer the benefit of registering all your current credit cards to protect them in case your wallet is lost or stolen. You need to make one phone call to notify all your banks at once. It's a very convenient service for people concerned about their financial and credit health.