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Research: How can credit cards be secured and protected from identity theft -

It is common sense that identity theft will happen only when you have a good credit .Hence all those who have a good credit score of over 750 on the FICO scores, and then it is time to take necessary precaution and guard your card against identity theft.

In order to protect and secure your card against identity theft, follow these rules:

  • Never give away your personal details on a public platform such as Facebook etc. You can just put down your birth date but putting the year and giving your full name along with it could spell trouble. These details are more than sufficient for an identity thief to damage your good credit history and destroy it completely and make a huge profit out of you.
  • Keep track of your credit card bills if they haven’t arrived and advise your bank immediately. Your credit card bill might have been stolen by someone and could be used to open new accounts in your name. Then you will end up paying all the credit card bills to maintain good credit in your name while the thief enjoys the benefits of stealing your identity.
  • Using a local café and the internet services there is another thing that you must avoid. Over a public network your information is never going to be safe and there is every possibility of an identity theft waiting to happen.
  • Try to leave the ‘please activate’ sticker on your card to mislead the identity thief. These thieves will just dump them for fear of being noticed and will not want to take a chance. If possible carry an old card which is closed as this would look like the only card that is activated. Just ensure that the account has been fully closed or you could get into trouble.
  • Don’t take your eyes off while your card is being swiped. Cashiers are only paid minimum wages and it can be quite tempting to make a few bucks on the sly by misusing card information.