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Research: How Much do You Know abuot Credit Cards for Poor Credit? -

One of the most difficult things to do when you have a poor credit account is to increase your credit score. Anyone who has had a good experience with credit cards, or is at least knowledgeable about the situation, would advise you to grab hold of credit cards for poor credit. This is the only way to build poor credit. Among the recommended cards are First Premier Bank MasterCard or Visa, Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard, Centennial MasterCard or Visa, and Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card..

Of course, getting credit cards for poor credit will do you no good unless you are able to use these properly. Some of the options you can choose from if you have a poor credit history are:

? The first option is to avail of a secured credit card. Once a person who has bad credit history or less than average credit applies for another bank, the bank will usually recommend a secured credit card account. A secured credit card account can help build a person's credit score.

? A high-interest credit card is probably a bad idea for you. People who avail this type of credit card are those that are capable of paying monthly bills on time. If you are not too sure about your financial capabilities to pay bills on time, then steer clear of this option. You will only be putting yourself in the worst possible position.

? Another option for you would be to avail of a credit card with a co-signor. Most often, this would be one of your parents, grandparents, husband or wife, or any significant person who has better credit history compared to you. You can ask any of these persons to co-sign a credit card application for you. This will help build your credit while, at the same time, make credit card companies feel secure about you.

Regardless of which of the abovementioned credit cards for poor credit you are choosing, you need to take note of the following simples rules.

? As long as you can afford it, utilize 50% to 70% of your credit limit. This is definitely an easy task, especially if you use your credit card to buy things like gas, insurance or groceries.

? Do not miss your monthly bills! You need to pay in full your balances every month. If you have a direct deposit through the company you are working in, you might even have a portion of your check deposited into a separate account to ensure you are able to pay your credit card accounts every month.

Follow these tips in getting credit cards for poor credit and you will get along just fine.