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Credit cards are one of the most flexible tools in the market. They are very handy and offer numerous benefits to users. Having many attractive offers attached to a card makes it all the more popular. When you have plenty of offers on it or when you can get many free services it makes things all the more attractive.

You can also shop and save on your purchases with cards having cash back offers. However there are also additional charges. There are cards which offer many options to allow people flexibility with their finances. When you get a credit card be sure that you can afford the payments on it. When you cannot, it makes things difficult. In most cases your credit scores will determine what sort of cards you are eligible for. You cannot make payments as you like, you must pay within a default date that is preset and make sure you cover all of the payments sooner than later.

In case of certain payments occurring in a repeated manner when a card is swiped wrongly you can request for a refund. Your bank is required to return the payment due to you in seven working days and not more than that. If the payments have not come through for months together the creditor must send you something in good faith to make up for the missed refund.

If in case there are any disputes regarding the payment you must write to the concerned authorities in order to make the claim. When you write to them you must furnish all details of the payment to completely clarify things. It may be that you were charged the wrong amount in the bill or in case an item was cancelled from delivery, there are also occurrences of identity theft. This is especially a problem in online transactions. Do make sure that you make your payments only through the most secure channels in order to avoid any issues. In case of occurrences of identity theft, up to fifty dollars is payable by you on the card, beyond that you cannot be held responsible for it.

There are also many occurrences lately of people receiving calls saying rules have changed in case of theft of card and insisting on taking credit card insurance against such liabilities. Be warned that such a thing is fraudulent and you must never give out personal information ever through telephonic channels. It is extremely important to report a theft of card immediately to avoid problems at the earliest.

When looking for a credit card find the card that will best suit your purchases, do you travel a lot, is it gas that is most often necessary, or do you need a lot of provisions for your work or business. Get a card with the most useful feature according to your need. Also it is important to not carry more than two cards at a time. Have only cards that you will use with you, rather than swiping on a number of them and incurring large bills.