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There are a lot of measures that are taken to ensure that security and protection of a credit card is maintained. Credit cards are not only used by customers extensively at shops, super markets, malls, entertainment venues etc. but also for online payments including phone and internet bills and shopping online. In such a scenario, it is quite possible that others can get hold of these details and misuse the cards. This is the reason why credit card issuers as well as companies like MasterCard and Visa are going all out to ensure the protection and security on the credit cards.

Zero Liability Insurance

This is one of the most important features on most reputed credit cards offered to credit card holders so that they don't fall prey to frauds on credit card transactions. As per the zero liability insurance, credit card customers can refuse to pay the bill for those transactions which are suspicious and which haven't been done by them. Credit card issuers take up these charges upon themselves and it saves the credit card customers the anxiety of paying for fraud transactions due to misuse of their credit cards.

24 X 7 Monitoring

One of the features that is commonly found in all reputed credit cards is 24 X 7 monitoring wherein card companies keep an eye out on all the transactions made with a particular credit card. The moment there is a suspicious expense, the card is frozen straightaway and the credit card owner is informed. This kind of fraud monitoring is very helpful especially if the card is stolen or the card details are stolen even on the internet during transactions on fraudulent sites. A good example in this case would be when someone from one state has been making payments from one particular gas station and all of a sudden the card has been used for payments at a gas station in a far away state.

Lost or stolen card reporting

Many credit card companies are now offering a hotline number to credit card customers. This becomes very handy especially when credit card holders want to report a stolen credit card or a lost card even when they are on a vacation. This will ensure that credit card customers can alert the credit card company immediately before the card is misused. Some companies provide a replacement card within a day or two as well, to ensure that the customer doesn't face problems.