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Research: Swiping your card safely -

When you make cash transaction, you are always sure of how much you have paid. You exchange hard cash after counting it right in front of the merchant. The only error that can be made is on your part if you have failed to count properly. But if you are making a card transaction, you need not worry about this. A card allows you to carry a large amount of cash in your wallet without being conspicuous.

There are a number of things that you need to remember in order to ensure that you do not risk your hard earned money while making transactions on your card. The first thing to remember is that you must always protect your password. If you write down your password on a paper or even store it in an electronic medium, you run the risk of having it leaked to unscrupulous elements in our society. There are a lot of hackers who are always phishing for information on the internet and hence it is always safe to not store your password in the first place rather than putting firewalls or other protection measures in place. Also ensure that you do not have common passkeys. But in order to take these measures, you will need to have a credit card which requests a passkey in the first place. Always go for a credit account which will request for a passkey at the merchants machine.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that you must always keep your card in your person. Do not hand it to anybody irrespective of how much you trust them. Your card is your responsibility.

Another important aspect is to always keep your card in sight. There have been several instances where the credit cards magnetic strip has been copied by sophisticated scanners while the unsuspecting victim waited for his card to be returned by the waitstaff at a restaurant. Even if you do hand over a card, do it only at respected establishments. And as much as possible, try to go up to the cashier in order to make payments.

And while discarding cards, cut the card in such a way that the magnetic strip is not left intact. Cut it up into several pieces and if possible throw it away in different locations to be doubly safe. A few such precautions can go a long way in protecting your hard earned cash from the hands of thieves.