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Research: What You Can Do For Security and Protection of Credit Cards -

One easy way you can get harassed and feel totally helpless is by being careless with handling your credit card. In such a situation people can totally fleece you of you money even before you realize and you have to bear all the charges for the carelessness! So what can you do for the security and protection of your credit cards?

Simple, just follow the basics rules:

Rule 1: Secure your Card Details

Some of us are gullible enough to give away credit card information over the phone. This is a very wrong practice since there are multiple risks involved. You may not know the person who is trying to use some advertising gimmick to make you part with the information. Another risk is that such information is almost always overheard and there are people out there who will take advantage of it which will land you in trouble. Never give any credit card information on the phone.

Rule 2: Safeguard the Card and PIN combination

Yes, this combination is what will fetch you the advantage of owning a credit card. You cannot simply flaunt your card off the cash counter to make purchases. This is proof enough that it would be sheer foolishness to keep card and the PIN at the same place. It is a clear invitation for people to take advantage of you. Use your memory for the PIN, to ensure security and protection of credit cards.

Rule 3: Remember to Sign on Your Card

Signature on the back of your card could save you in cases where your card is lost. This is the most ignored rule, I can say, as this is not mandatory. People are told time and again regarding how important it is, but some of us just think we are too careful to lose the card. It is not unless you lose your card that you realize how important it is to follow this rule for the security and protection of credit cards.

Rule 4: Collect Your Card After Use

Every time you use your card, take time to confirm that you have collected it back. This is specially the case in restaurants where we forget to collect the card after the billing.

The security and protection of credit cards is our responsibility. It is not very difficult if we decide to stick to the basics and use it wisely.