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Research: Credit Cards in Corporations -

The importance of business and corporate credit cards cannot be underestimated. Both of them help track business-related expenses, offer special discounts on specified purchases and provide monthly and yearly reports of expenditures on the account.

Corporate and business cards differ from regular consumer plastics in that they are designed for specific use only, but they preserve all features of a credit card - convenience, easy use, security and various reward options.

Small business owners and big corporations find such credit cards to be an efficient tool to manage their expenses and so apply for one, once they are offered an appropriate deal. But is it really that easy to own a business or corporate card?

If we take small business credit cards, it all is pretty clear. Such credit card is issued to an individual, who is personally responsible for all the purchases made with it. A small business owner uses the credit card at his/her discretion, with the obligation to pay the bill every monthly in order to preserve good credit rating and solid scores.

However, it all is far not that easy with a corporate credit card. Corporation is a large business, with lots of departments and hundreds of employees. Corporate card is issued in the name of the company, making executives and managers responsible for credit card spending made by the employees.

Very often, the employee's ability to use the credit card without restrictions on the retailers or spending amounts leads to a mess in credit card bills and investigations following.

County auditors in Texas have found a smart solution to the problem and not without the assistance of a new credit card offer from Chase bank. The new MasterCard allows corporations to organize spending control on designated levels.

Now employees cannot just take the card and go anywhere they want and charge whatever they want. The designated levels of control that the corporate MasterCard offers, are tied to where, when and how much you charge on it. It is expected to help track of the numerous daily expenses, avoid confusion in credit card statements and other complexities.

Suchlike option wouldn't be available with a small business plastic. This is the greatest advantage of a corporate credit card that it can be designed in a special way that a particular organization requests. It allows the corporation to adjust the card to the peculiarities of its business and financial management much better.

The ability to order a tailor-made credit card with specific services - in this case it s the all-level control of spending - is combined with great opportunities for enticing introductory APRs, zero APR on purchases, grace periods, rewards, travel privileges and a 24 hour online access to the account.

Corporate credit card seems to be really a lucrative deal, but big business implies big responsibility. The all-level control provided by the MasterCard from Chase is a good example of exercising responsibility. The program has been already adopted by SFA and City of Nacogdoches, clarifying their credit expenses and improving financial management.