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If you think that air travel is expensive this year, you`ll appreciate the fabulous discounts and special promotions offered by Alaska Airlines, a U.S. airline that is based in SeaTac, Washington. For example, earlier this year, the company announced the beginning of the "Kids Fly Free to Disneyland" program. This promotion allows children aged 2 to 11 to fly free to Disneyland if they are accompanied by an adult traveling on the Alaska Airlines Southern California Vacations package. On April 27th, Alaska Airlines started the "Deep Daily Discounts" promotion program in which the airline will announce a new city every day to which travel is discounted by 30%. To take advantage of this offer, reservations for any of these cities must be done by June 17th.

In addition to offering occasional bonuses like these, Alaska Airlines provides its regular flyers with a long-term opportunity to benefit from each flight they take. To take advantage of this, you’ll need to obtain a specially designed affiliated Alaska Airline card issued through the Bank of America or any other frequent flyer card from a major card company.

With an Alaska Airlines card, you’ll become a participant in its Mileage Plan and will earn one mile for each dollar spent on purchases, and up to three miles per each dollar spent on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air tickets. In addition to receiving purchase miles rewards, travelers are also eligible for generous bonus miles that are awarded upon your initial credit card approval, and then each time you purchase tickets at with an Alaska Airline Card!

As a member of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, you can earn miles rewards with a great variety of partners including: airline partners, car partners, dining and hotel partners, financial partners, and more. Are you looking for additional mileage-earning opportunities? No problem! With the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan number you can earn miles from over 40 dealers in Western Washington! You can also earn miles on auto-related expenses including: oil changes, brake services, and tire purchases!

If Alaska Airlines is just one of the airlines you fly with, but you want to collect rewards miles as if you were a participant in its Mileage Plan, you can use other frequent flyer credit cards accepted by all major U.S. airlines. Such cards will award you miles regardless of what carrier you travel with. You can use your card to pay for bookings, holiday packages, reservations and any services at the airline you fly with. Every single dollar spent on eligible purchases brings you a reward of one mile!

However, you should remember that irrespective of what airline’s credit card you pay with, eligible purchases do not include balance transfers, cash advances and similar card operations.

Once you have earned a certain amount of miles rewards, you can choose from a great variety of redemption options including: discounted tickets, seat upgrades, and even free airfare! You can also redeem the miles for gift cards or cash, depending on your credit card reward program rules.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable travel season this summer! Travel can really be inexpensive and rewarding if you choose the right airline to fly with!