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There are many credit card companies which offer many rewards if you take their card. To get the rewards' cards you need to be someone with a very good credit history. Only then you will be able to avail the credit cards with better rewards. If you do not have a good credit history, you can take a card with lower credit limit and build a history by being consistent in using the card and then paying off the monthly bills. As your credit score improves, your creditworthiness will improve too. This means more credit card companies will be comfortable giving you a premium card which will have rewards and benefits.

There are many types of credit card rewards that one could go for. Some of these rewards are very useful while some of them are not and just lead you into taking a card which you don't need. So, assessing the probability of whether you will avail the rewards or not is very important. The most common reward on a credit card is rewards points. For every purchase you make with a credit card, you get certain reward points.

The number of points that get added for every dollar varies based on the type of the card, with the maximum points for premium customers. These reward points can be redeemed from the credit card company later. There are many different ways of redeeming the points. Some credit card companies have fixed gifts that you can get in exchange of specific points. This may not be always useful to you. Some credit card companies let you convert the reward points into dollars to buy whatever merchandise you can from select stores.

The next type of reward is the cash back offer. Some credit card companies give back a percentage of the value you have spent on the credit card. So, you might get back 5% money of whatever you spend, effectively a discount on the items you brought. However, most credit card companies place an upper limit over the maximum cash back, so after a particular amount of spending, you can only get a fixed amount of cash back. Nevertheless it is still profitable.

Another reward that some credit card companies offer is the discount. These credit card companies have tie-ups with select stores, malls or brands. Due to that you can visit those stores and get a good discount on whatever you buy with your credit card. Sometimes you might be lucky to get discounts on your favorite brand and at other times you might be tempted to switch to a different brand for the sake of the discount on offer.

Another interesting reward that one can get on a credit card is air miles. So, for every transaction you do with a credit card, certain number of air miles is added to your account. At one point, when you decide to redeem them you can fly to whatever destination you want to and get discount by redeeming the air miles. If you have a lot of them, you can in fact get a free trip.