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Research: How to Protect your Credit Card from Fraud and Keep Your Rewards at the Same Time -

Credit card frauds had been rampant for quite some time now. Any credit card user is at risk, regardless of the time or location. Just like your social security card, credit cards carry so much of your personal information which can put yourself and your identity at risk.

Since internet technology was invented and transactions or purchases can be done on line, credit card theft was also widespread through the use of internet. When you make a purchase on line, you might be leaving some details about your credit card that thieves can easily get a hand on. But that may be a thing of the past. A new way of copying your credit card now a days is in the manner of skimming. Skimming is obtaining the credit card details by copying all your card information using a device and copying it on a magnetic strip. Skimmers use technology widely to copy your credit card and use the copy for their own benefit. Skimmers often pose as hotel workers or waiters so they could have an access to get your card.

How do you protect your credit card from skimmers? Here as some tips you can utilize:

1. Do not share your PIN number with anyone especially to people you don't trust. Don't just list your pin number on any piece of paper that might get lost easily. Once that the skimmer got your PIN number, they can easily use the credit copy that they made. You can change your PIN number regularly. This way even if a skimmer obtained a copy of your credit card, when you changed your PIN number, the copy is useless.

2. Keep an eye on the people around you when you're transacting at an ATM machine. Also, check the ATM machine if is there is anything suspicious on it especially on the area where you insert your card. Skimmers often place a device to scan your credit card while it runs through the ATM machine.

3. Keep your credit cards right away after using it. You might have the tendency to lose your credit card or someone will take it without you knowing.

4. Keep an eye on your credit card when a personnel takes it to pay for your bills. As some skimmers pose as waiters, you have to see if your credit cards are in good hands.

5. Ask for a copy of your credit card report regularly. This way you can check if there are purchases that you didn't do. Keep your receipts. You can check your transactions with your receipts in real time. If you notice suspicious entries, report it immediately so you can avoid paying for these transactions.

6. Cut your old credit cards before throwing them away. Cut it all the way through the magnetic strip. This destroys any information anyone can get from your old credit card.

By keeping your credit card from fraudulent transactions, you're making sure you're safe. Not only your money and points, but what is important is that you avoid identity theft.