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Research: How Your Credit Card Can Help You Travel -

You`ve probably heard that you can use your credit card to finance your car, or that you can save gas money when you use a cash-back gas credit card, but that`s not all that your credit card can do when it comes to your automobile woes. Your credit card can actually help you when you`re travelling. Here`s how:

  1. Car Rental Insurance
  2. For most car rental agencies, a credit card is required to rent the vehicle. While it may seem like a pain if you`ve forgot your credit card that day, using your credit card for car rentals is actually in your best interest. Credit cards come with coverage that can enhance or even replace the car insurance you purchased for the rental car. Ask your credit card provider about what is covered under your rental insurance included in your policy, and you may find it good enough to decline the car rental`s insurance.

  3. Roadside Help
  4. Not all credit cards have this perk, so check with your provider if it`s offered on your credit card. If you`re lucky enough to be a credit card issuer who has a roadside assistance program you can call up the number on the back of your credit card for free tire changes, engine jump starts, and short-distance tows if you are ever stuck on the side of the road. If your card doesn`t offer this for free as part of your credit cards terms, then ask about upgrading, as it may be included in that package.

  5. Quick Currency Conversion
  6. If you happen to travel overseas a lot then this is very helpful to you. Overseas conversions can cost the average American hundreds of dollars in a single vacation. When using credit cards overseas, you don`t have to worry about expensive currency conversion; all that you have to worry about are foreign transaction fees. Foreign transaction fees are usually three percent of your total purchase, but can be as high as five percent. Capital One has a whole line of credit cards that don`t charge foreign transaction fees. American Express, PenFed and Chase have cards without the fee if you meet a certain account minimum or other account requirements.

  7. Lounge Access
  8. Flying with your credit card can be the equivalent of flying with class. If you have a travel or airline card, you are granted access to VIP lounges at airports that offer free beverages, WiFi and plush seats. The best part is that access is usually free or heavily discounted. American Express` Platinum Card gives cardholders free access to a network of lounges across the world at hundreds of airports.

Your credit card can be helpful in your travels. Whether you want to travel on a dime, have a roadside emergency or want to gain access to some of the most exclusive airport lounges, your credit card can help you out. Check with your credit card issuer to see if you have these privileges and others available to you.