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Research: Making traveling with credit cards safer by planning well -

When you are on the road for vacation or just going on a road trip, you would definitely carry your credit cards with you. They are often a convenient way to pay your bills and makes many things easier. Traveling with credit cards is fun if you handle your bills carefully. It makes it so much easier than having to carry tons of money in cash or handling traveler`s checks. It is so much more convenient to just swipe on your card while you are out of town. However, it is important to bear in mind some tips when traveling with them to avoid any problems.

Firstly when you are traveling out of state or the country, make sure you inform your bank. Else in many cases a fraud alert goes out and your card may get blocked leading to unnecessary complications. Make sure that you are keeping them in the loop about travel plans and check out if they have any offers on exchange rates and interbank exchange rates. You will find that the rates offered on credit cards are far better than what you get with currency exchange offers. Make sure you take the necessary copies of your credit card and leave it with relatives in case you need some information as an emergency.

Carry card cancellation details on hand with you should something happen. In most cases, there is a risk of your credit card being misused while abroad so any transactions being done while in a different country or state, ensure you are very much present. Don`t wait it out while they take it to the next building to swipe or you may get a very unpleasant surprise at a later point in time. Carry all the receipts of transactions made with you at all times so you know how things stand. That way you can have proof later and also keep continuous track of the credit limit and available balance.

Carry multiple credit cards on different accounts if possible. In every place you go to, all the cards you carry may not be usable. Try to use two or more cards so that you have more options to choose in between. Look out for the fees applicable as well, if one card proves more expensive, then you can always opt for the other. If at all your card is lost, you will also have an additional card to bank on when you are not carrying checks or cash on you or have money run out.

Consider carefully the annual fees and interest rates applicable. Also check about how much grace period you have if at all you happen to get late on a payment. Most of the time reward cards will have very strict policies and interest rate hikes when you default on their payments. Be safe by finding out the right information before hand so that you do not end up paying through your nose later. Plan things out and research to figure out which reward card will work best for you before you apply. That way you will get approved faster.