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Research: Pet Credit Cards -

Nobody knows your own cat, dog, parrot, or crocodile better than you. A credit card for your favorite pet seems an elegant solution to show more care to your everyday companion.

Our pets... All they - fluffy and playful, singing and squealing, bringing your slippers and comically drinking from the toilet sink, - are extremely devoted. You can nothing but love them as a member of your family. Kept for amusement and joy, a pet is surely not a toy you can ignore for economic reasons. The living creature needs feeding and won't do without veterinary services.

Now come to the point. Launched in India (and as a debit card in some Southeast Asia countries) in recent years, free form card for pets from Visa is issued specially for pet lovers and their favorites. Having various sizes and forms, these cards mirror individuality and mood. The designs also include seasons, music, sports and other subjects. But a debit or store card is not enough for a real groover.

Pets market is going forward at a steady gait. Accordingly, the credit card issuers enter a new stage of pet credit cards. One of the most progressive in this respect is Bank of America. The bank has started penetrating into several market niches, including business, students and... the pet market.

Double love to your pet - it lets you receive rewards buying cat or dog food. It goes better Bank of America's prepared a nice surprise - you can earn points and discount certificates. What's more, you can prove out by making shelter donations. If you really love animals and are able to share what you have, support on of the shelters across the country.

Then think about what you can offer this member of the family. Look at your credit card. Does it have your photo on the surface? Now look at your dog. Why not to post its pretty muzzle on the card? Certainly do this for free as the pet's credit card (let's call it like this) will allow you to reduce prices at a pet shop or at the checkout of a mart.

To do that, choose any digital pic of your little charge or submit it by mail and get a finished credit card in one to two weeks. Still, if you are short of imagination at the moment, enjoy the bank's variants with the photos of a Contented Cat, a Loving Pair of cat and dog, or a Devoted Dog happy to see you. What' s the name of this magic card, you can't wait.

The PetRewardsTM Platinum Plus® Visa® rallying with Hill's Pet Nutrition is what you can rely on while visiting the vet, filling the tray with pet food at feed stores and neighborhood pet specialty stores. All these places are extremely profitable to call on. The reward for frequent visits is points, 1 for each dollar "contributed" for your pet.

The credit card is a star performer for both the pet and you. There's a complete set of amenities:

- no need to pay the fee for cardholding

- 6 month of purchases without APR and

- free balance transfers.

Read on - your pet's munching, the card provides you with Online Banking and Total Security Protection, Travel and emergency assistance and Automatic auto rental insurance.

Sorry to keep your dog waiting while you read this. This is far and away the very moment to apply online for a credit card to display your love!