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Research: Rewards Credit Cards For The Creme-De-La-Creme -

People opt for credit cards for various reasons. While some opt for it to make their bill payments easier, there are others who prefer it since it offers them more spending power. There are people who opt for it because they believe it offers them a chance at being part of an elite group. Credit cards with rewards have been popular for various reasons and today, having certain credit cards with rewards marks people as belonging to an exclusive category of achievers. There are special credit cards with a high annual fee and higher interest rates for the elite class. These cards are often exclusively for the creme-de-la-creme of the society and are limited in number as well. Many people vie to have these reward cards that seem symbolic of their status.

Today, with credit card agencies and bankers working to cater to the interests of the upper classmen, there are a large variety of cards in the market for these high profile customers in the low risk category. One such rewards card exclusively for the upper crust is the Centurion card by American express. It is also known as the black American express and is for those people with an income of 250,000 dollars annually. It is a card that can be obtained by invitation only and offers exclusive deals on airlines, invites to celebrity cruises, priority boarding, complimentary internationals cell phones and more to the members.

Another reward card that is for the high end category is the Sotheby's MasterCard. The name itself hints at the element of money that would go with it. With an annual fee of $395 and a requirement that applicants earn a minimum of $200,000 each year, this is yet another expensive card. This card allows for complementary invitations to private museum openings and events, chartered jets, invitation to high profile events and more. It is also a card that is available to consumers on invitation only.

American Express also offers its elite a card with no credit limit allowing them to buy as much as they like with no worries of maxing out their cards. There are also special upgrades for customers such as destination holidays, upgrades on flights, reservations at top restaurants and new venues. These are cards designed for customers who have excellent credit history and top scores in their credit records making them eligible for these cards with no limits placed. This caters to the needs of the wealthy customers who wish to have a high end credit card that places no restrictions on their spending prowess.

Rewards credit cards are available for all categories of people but these elite cards are for a section of society that can afford it and find these cards to be more than just a necessity. They turn to status symbols and often people who want to achieve and belong to these clubs even buy their way into it. For the common man, reward credit cards are a gimmick to ease the burden of spending and purchasing. However it is important to be sure that you are not going to land in debt, considering the high interest rates on such cards.