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Research: The Advantage of Travelling with Credit Cards -

When traveling, it is important that you prepare all the things that you needed from the biggest to the smallest details. Whether the trip is for vacation or business purposes, traveling with enough money to spend is a must. Remember that you are in a foreign country and you just can't borrow from anyone when you run out or lose your money.

While some people prefer to carry just cash with them when traveling, most travelers would love to use their credit card or cards instead. Why so? It is because there would be no more need to purchase traveler's cheques which could charge too high interest for cashing out fees. When you run out of c ash, you can always have the local currency from ATM's. That's how convenient traveling with credit card is.

But was there a time when your card just won't work while you're in a foreign country? Yes, it is very inconvenient and frustrating but it happens. This is not due to non-payment on your part but this is because most banks automatically deactivate a credit card when they see some possible fraud.

There had been a lot of instances when credit cards are used by identity thieves and as a precaution, banks deactivates credit cards. Here are some scenarios when credit cards are deactivated:

  • when the banks see an unusual huge amount of purchase
  • when purchases are made in a foreign country and there is no seen pattern
  • when cards are used in a public phone booth (this is a way for thieves to check the credit card is active or not)

To avoid having your card deactivated when traveling overseas, report your travel to your card issuer so there wouldn't be no suspicions that your credit card is used by credit card thieves.

For smooth-sailing trip, bring a back-up credit card with you so in case the other credit card doesn't work, you have another card to rescue you. You too may want to bring traveler's check for you. You wound never know what could happen to your credit card so carrying have such cheques with you, besides they don't expire so it is safe carrying them at all times.

Identity thieves have found a number of ways they can use other person's identity. One of the most common venues is through a credit card. Once an individual's personal information has been accessed, this can now be used to open new credit card accounts which can be used to by the thief to purchase different items online (sometimes even offline). You wouldn't like to be their next victim, would you? It is actually very easy to spare yourself from these criminals. Be very careful with your credit cards. Don't have it exposed. When you realize that it is missing then report it as soon as possible so it could deactivated and will not be used by thieves anymore.

Traveling will always be easy with credit cards so long as you remember all the things explained earlier.