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Research: Things to check when travelling with credit cards -

Travelling with credit cards could be a matter of great convenience. One need not be worried the way they are about losing a debit card or cash. However, there are some important things to check and understand when you are travelling with credit cards. The travel benefits offered by some credit cards are extremely attractive and could help enjoy your leisure without a worry. Here are some important features to look for.

Hotline number for reporting lost or stolen card

Some card issuers provide their customers with a hotline number to report lost or stolen card as soon as they notice that it is gone. This will allow card issuers to block the credit card immediately thus preventing fraud transactions. One should keep this number handy so that they could call it even when they have lost their wallet while on a vacation. Some card issuers provide added customer service and benefits. There is the assurance that the stolen or lost card will be replaced at the earliest, wherever you may be. Secondly card issuers send you actual cash to take care of your needs while your lost card is being replaced. This brings a great deal of convenience and hence it is worth checking if your credit card offers these features.

Restaurant and hotel tie-ups

Certain credit cards are tied up with certain brands allowing you to get discounts for your hotel stay and restaurant bills. In fact, if you are aware of the hospitality chains you can book your accommodation with those hotels anywhere in the world and avail the discounts and added benefits. Some credit cards will let you attend special events at the hotels if you are amongst the privileged customers.

Can you avail any discounts at special events?

If you are travelling with your credit card, check online or contact customer service to find out if there are any concerts, movie screenings or sports events that you can avail discounts for, using your credit card in advance. If you get lucky, you may be able to save some money and have a great evening too while on vacation.

Travel accident and lost luggage insurance

Check out more about the conditions and terms related to the travel accident insurance. Similarly, some credit cards offer up to $75 in lost luggage reimbursement that proves to be handy for a day or two while your luggage is found by the airline authorities.