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Research: Top benefits of travelling with credit cards -

There are several benefits of travelling with credit cards. Those who travel often are therefore advised to pick a credit card that is easy to carry in the wallet and also comes with a whole range of features to assist them in various situations.

Better than carrying cash

There are a lot of places where you would need to spend while travelling or on a vacation. If you don’t carry a credit card, you will have to carry lots of cash wherever you go which is uncomfortable and unsafe. Moreover, you might not find ATMs at all places when you run out of cash. Carrying a simple piece of plastic is far safer and convenient for everyone. In fact, most of the credit cards also have the feature of cash withdrawal in case you want cash on a trip to spend in places where cards are not accepted.

Travel benefits

Travellers will always benefit with credit cards because they come with a lot of travel benefits. These benefits include travel accident insurance and minor rewards like lost baggage reimbursement which will turn out to be quite useful while you are on trips.

Lost card replacement

If you are carrying a debit card, losing it can spell lot of trouble. On the other hand, when you lose a credit card you can contact the customer care centre of the credit card company and report the card loss. This hotline number can be contacted from around the world. This will help you block the lost or stolen credit card. You could also ask for a replacement card which is sent to wherever you are within couple of days by some card issuers. In fact, there are credit card companies which will even provide cash for emergency while you wait for your credit card replacement.

Surcharges waived off

When you have to travel internationally you will have to buy currency by giving high commissions. Similarly when you return back you will have to sell the same at a lower cost than what you bought them for. There are credit cards which waive off this currency exchange fee for customers. In other words such credit card companies pay the extra 1% charged by Visa and other payment networks, from their own pocket. Such cards are very useful for those customers who travel very frequently. There are numerous other benefits of travelling with credit cards as well like discounts at restaurants and entertainment centres.