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Research: What are some of the best hotel rewards programs? -

The points on the basis of which one can select the best hotel reward programs are biased. While for some, the best hotel rewards credit card will be the one that offers greater number of reward points for each day that the user stays, others would focus on the number of points that get utilized in obtaining a reward. Newcomers however, have the chance to compare all the different programs before making a choice.

Besides the two factors mentioned above, a personal opinion also matters when choosing a hotel rewards program. Some of the most popular hotel reward programs in the United States are as follows:

1. Hilton Honors Program - The Hilton Brand of hotels is world famous and does not require separate introduction. The hotel has a number of chains all over the place and offers exciting reward programs. The Hilton brand has a number of air partners that helps in availing miles as reward points. Users can earn points through different ways including by means of travel. An additional ten points are earned for every US dollar spent by the user. The Hilton hotel brand has popularized its “Double Dipping” rewards program. This program actually gives an edge to the Hilton hotel rewards programs over the rewards programs set by other brand hotels. With the ‘Double Dipping’ hotel reward program, the user can earn hotel points as well as airline miles at the same time. While the program is slow in accumulating points for free air travel, it is a tried and tested program to avail free hotel charges.

2. Marriott hotel rewards program - Like the Hilton chain, Marriot hotels are also a brand name to reckon with. Besides the airline partners of the hotel reward programs, there are other ways in which members can earn points. The hotel chain has an exclusive vacation club and also offers event management services through which members can earn reward points. The Marriot hotel rewards program allows its members to earn about ten dollars for every one dollar spent on hotel purchases. The hotel reward program of Marriott hotel offers two air miles for every valid expense of dollar one.

3. Wyndham hotel reward program - The basic system of earning reward points remains the same as in case of the above two hotel reward programs. The hotel reward program provides a long list of air partners who also participate in the program. Besides the air partners, Wyndham hotel reward program also partners with Amtrak. This facilitates the users to earn hotel reward points. The user also has the opportunity to book cruises and vacations through the above hotel reward points. While the member can earn up to five hundred miles for every dollar spent, there is also the scope to earn around ten points for every dollar spent.

The best feature that attracts travelers to this hotel reward program, is the fact that the rooms available are from a range of mid to expensive budget rooms. This makes the hotel rooms more user-friendly.