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Figuring out how you can use the credit card points you've earned so you're not wasting them can be confusing. Points can be converted into cash, transferred to loyalty programs, used to buy airline tickets, hotel stays, gift cards or merchandise. Some redemption options can be real deals while others may not be that good. Explore what redemption options you have and a redemption ratio for each. In most cases, gift card redemptions offer the best value, but some transfers may work perfectly as well.

Once you found the way you want to redeem your points, go to your credit card account or contact the customer service of your issuer to redeem points. The online account allows to manage points easily. Also, some issuers have online portals where you card redeem your points for almost anything. Either way, if you have some difficulties, contact your issuer and ask for assistance. The issuers are always happy to help.