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If you are paying the full price at the gas pump, you might need a way to save on fuel. The easiest way to do that is to have a rewards credit card. Today you can even find a gas rewards credit card - a card designed for those who spend a lot on gas.

There are two types of gas credit cards: a co-branded gas station credit card and a regular gas rewards card. The first is for loyal customers who prefer a particular brand like Shell or BP. Co-branded gas cards usually give a discount per gallon, not cash back for a dollar spent. While co-branded gas cards can give great gas discounts, you won't earn big rewards outside of the gas station.

Moreover, many co-branded gas station credit cards are not affiliated with Visa or Mastercard, meaning they cannot be used everywhere, only at one particular gas station (plus partners).

Regular gas rewards credit cards offer cash back, points, or even miles rewards. These cards can give from 2% and up to 5% back on gas purchases. Plus, they may offer elevated rewards in other categories like restaurants, travel, supermarkets, or grocery purchases.

When choosing a gas rewards credit card, look for cards that offer bonus rewards for other purchases as well. Your gas expenses may not be as big as you think. So having a couple of additional bonus categories will increase your savings. Plus, don't forget about fees. Today it's easy to find a decent rewards credit card with a $0 annual fee.