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If your credit score is between about 670 and 749, you have good credit. Good credit means having a large range of cards you can apply for. You can choose what is most important to you according to how you plan to use the card. Think about the following things when deciding on a credit card for good credit:

  • Whether you want to transfer a balance
  • If you want to get 0% interest on purchases
  • Which type of rewards would be best for you - travel, cash back, gift cards, hotel, airline, or even sports rewards
  • If you want to avoid an annual fee, or if you don't mind paying one for a good card
  • Whether you would like a card that doesn't charge late fees or penalty APRs and offers financial planning tools

All these types of cards are available to people with good credit. Read some reviews of credit cards for good credit and choose the one that sounds best for your needs.