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News: American Express Making it Easier to Resolve Transaction Disputes -

Have you ever noticed a strange charge on your credit card statement, and then called up to find out what it was, only to get frustrated by the lack of information available? If so you may well be happy to learn that American Express has partnered up with Ethoca in order to streamline the process so you can get the information you need in real time.

Ethoca is a company that specializes in providing collaboration-based technology solutions to both merchants and card issuers. American Express is now using the Ethoca Eliminator platform in order to make resolving transaction based issues easier, thereby saving time for both consumers and merchants – and saving merchants money in the process.

"American Express is committed to providing merchants and card members a simple process for resolving disputes," said Priscilla Kam, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy & Capabilities for American Express' Global Merchant & Network Services Group.

"Ethoca's platforms can help prevent card member disputes before they happen, helping merchants save time and costs associated with disputes and chargebacks."

The inside scoop on Ethoca Eliminator

Ethoca Eliminator lets American Express give cardholders more information about transactions in real time. This means that cardholders who don't recognize a credit card charge will be able to get more in-depth information about the transactions when they call customer service.

How does the Ethoca Eliminator platform work? Behind the scenes, Ethoca Eliminator gets detailed information about transaction information from retailers who are using the technology, so that it is on hand when people call into the customer service center.

"Ethoca is delighted to be working with American Express to simplify the dispute process for its merchants and card members," said Keith Briscoe, Chief Marketing and Product Officer for Ethoca.

"Our suite of collaboration-based solutions is focused increasingly on preventing unnecessary disputes before they ever disrupt a customer purchase journey - ultimately helping to ensure a better experience for all parties in the ecosystem," he added.

Do it your self

At first, the Ethoca Eliminator platform will only be available in-house, but during the first quarter of 2019, American Express is planning on giving cardholders access to this information digitally.

With this upgrade, people will be able to simply log into their account and see the detailed information in real time for themselves. Here too, in order to view these transactions, the merchant will have to be using the Ethoca Eliminator technology.