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News: Bilt's New Elite Status Program -

Bilt's very first elite status program has been around for a couple of years already. It gives multiple ways for members to earn points through Bilt and reach elite status that unlocks more benefits.

In 2024, Bilt are revamping their program: there will be more ways to earn status and even more benefits to enjoy.

There are three Bilt Rewards elite status tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can either earn points or spend a qualifying amount across your linked accounts to earn elite status. To reach Silver status, you will need to earn 50,000 points per year or spend $10,000, to get Gold status, you'll need to earn 125,000 points annually or spend $25,000, and if you earn 200,000 points or spend $50,000 a year, you will reach Premier status.

If you choose to earn Bilt elite status through spendings, you can use the Bilt World Elite Mastercard® or non-Bilt credit or debit card linked to your Bilt Wallet. The linked card can be used for purchases with Bilt's fitness partners, Lyft rideshare, Bilt Dining, Bilt Travel Portal, and more. Just keep in mind that rent purchases doesn't count as eligible spend towards elite status.

In addition to the Bilt elite status program, there are Milestone Rewards. These are rewards you can claim each time you'll have earned 25,000 points. You can see all reward options under the Milestone Rewards section within the Elite Status tab.

Milestone Rewards will be unlocked in sets each time you hit 25k points earned (at each 25k increment). You will be able to claim only one reward from each set of unlocked Milestone Rewards. Here are some examples of Milestone Rewards you can unlock: double points on Bilt Dining for 7 days, 10X on your next 3 Lyft rides, get 5,000 points closer to the next status, $10 towards your next fitness class, free item from the Bilt Collection, and more.