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News: Chase Offers is Launched -

Chase has rolled out a new program called Chase Offers giving cardholders the ability to earn statement credits when they shop at a variety of retailers, restaurants and other kinds of merchants. Chase Offers is available via the Chase mobile app, once logged in people can click on the tab, and check out the offers that are currently available to them.

In most respects, it is very similar to Amex Offers in terms of how it works, but it is specifically for people who have Chase credit cards, like the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Sapphire Reserve, as well as others. Just in time for the holiday one of the new offers gets some Chase cardholders 5% -10% cashback when getting their caffeine fix at Starbucks.

How it works

If you are wondering how Chase Offers works it is pretty simple. If you already have the app you simply log in and you should find your offers waiting for you. That said they seem to be staggering the roll out so if you don't see it in your app yet, more than likely you will find it in there soon.

If you don’t have the app, then you just have to download it. Once you do, you log in and load in your Chase credit card or credit cards.

When you find an offer you like you click on it and it's loaded into your account. When you get to the store or restaurant, just use the credit card assigned to that offer. You can use your card via a mobile wallet, mobile apps or online, as well as in actual brick and mortar stores. Within a week or two you should see the statement credit in your account.

What if you have more than one Chase credit card?

If you have more than one Chase credit card you can use Chase Offers with each of them, but each one may have different offers waiting for you. It is just important to remember to use the card attached to the offer you want to take advantage of otherwise you will not get the statement credit.

For instance, if you choose an offer attached to your Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card you must use that card to pay for the item.

To get more information people can visit the website.