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News: Citi Rolls Out New App Scanner -

Citi, a advertising partner, has upgraded their mobile app so the camera in their mobile device can be used to scan their credit cards and add them into the app. According to Citi, they are the only major U.S. credit card issuer to give their cardholders the ability to scan not only embossed cards, but non-embossed credit cards when loading their cards into a mobile app.

"With more customer logins now occurring through our app than through a browser, we continue to find creative solutions to make their lives simpler and easier," says Alice Milligan, Chief Customer and Digital Experience Officer for Citi Global Cards and Consumer Services. "By enabling the ability to scan their cards rather than input 16 digits on a mobile keyboard, it further streamlines the credit card activation process in the palm of cardmembers' hands."

How it works

When cardholders scan their payment card account number, they will also have to key in their CVV, as well as the last four numbers of their social security number and their birthday so that their card will work.

Once the app is downloaded and activated it can be used whether a cardholder has an iPhone or an Android device.

Other new features

The roll out of this new upgrade to the Citi Mobile App, comes on the heels of the release of a variety of other upgrades, including Citi Quick Lock, a feature letting people actually "lock" down their account if they think they have lost their card or its been stolen. With Citi Quick Lock, they can lock their card by tapping into their app or going online. If they find their card, they can unlock it with the app or their computer - without having to call Citi to do it for them.

If cardholders want to dispute charges make with their credit cards, they can now do so directly via the app, as well as check out PDF statements and even download them.

And if a new credit card is on the way to their home or office, they can use the app to actually track the card from the time it leaves Citi to the time it arrives at their door.