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News: Discover App Gets an Upgrade -

Getting in touch with the customer service department at Discover is getting easier with an upgrade to the chat feature in their mobile app. This upgrade lets them directly message customer service representatives via the app, and now customer reps will be able to access their chat history, alleviating the need for people to retell their story each time they connect with a new representative.

They are releasing this upgrade on a rolling basis over the summer, and it's seen as a way to give their customers a better level of customer care. "Delivering a world-class customer experience is at the core of who we are at Discover. We continually evaluate our products and services to make sure we are meeting customer needs and are providing the most relevant features and benefits," said Dennis Michel, senior vice president of customer service and engagement.

"Communicating via messaging and other messaging apps has become second nature, so it only makes sense that customers should be able to enjoy the same convenience when communicating with our customer service team," he said.

How it works

People might be expecting to connect with Discovers' customer service representatives via traditional session-based live chats, but this is not the case, with this upgrade people will be able to send messages to a representative, and get responses whenever the time is right for them. The feature was designed so that people do not have to stay logged into the app to connect with the agent.

On the other hand, agents will be able to access the individual's messaging history so they can see what is going on with the cardholder's case. This does away with the need for the cardholder to once again tell the new agent taking over their case what their issue is because they will already know.

Once the feature is fully rolled out during the summer months, it will be swapped out for Discover's Live Chat feature, which they are currently using, creating a seamless way for cardholders to connect with customer service.

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