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News: PayPal and Amex Partnered to Offer New Features -

U.S. American Express card members are now able to split card purchases with other Venmo and PayPal users without losing rewards.

This October, American Express and PayPal introduced two new features: a new way to split card purchases with Venmo and PayPal users and the ability to use Pay with Points at U.S. merchants that accept PayPal.

The first feature allows to easily split any card purchase whether it's a check at a restaurant or a monthly utility bill. The American Express card members just need to select a transaction from the Amex Mobile App and send out requests through the Venmo or PayPal account to get paid back. In the app, Amex splits up the total equally or card members can customize the amount requested from each person.

There is no need to worry about points, they are not split. The Amex card members will earn all rewards for purchases they make even when they split purchases with friends or family members.

The second feature allows Amex card members to use their Membership Rewards points to Pay with Points at U.S. merchants that accept PayPal. The feature considerably increases the number of places where Amex card members can use their points. The only condition is to use a Membership Rewards-eligible card when checking out using PayPal.

In 2020, Amex and PayPal plan to continue enhancing user experience when they use their mobiles to make payments.