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News: Synchrony Financial and Stein Mart Renew Agreement -

Synchrony Financial has inked a deal with Stein Mart, a national fashion retailer, to continue issuing its co-branded MasterCard. They have been working together since 2006, offering the in-store credit card that gives people access to discounts along with 10% off ten times a year, along with the Stein Mart Style Platinum Master Card.

Synchrony Financial sees this continuation of their relationship as being a win for both companies, as well as consumers. “The Stein Mart cards not only offer greater payment flexibility to customers, but also greater value through savings and benefits to loyal customers,” said Tom Quindlen, executive vice president and CEO, Retail Cards, Synchrony Financial. “We’re pleased to continue our long relationship with Stein Mart, and look forward to continuing to build continued loyalty with their customers through our credit card programs.”

What you get

Stein Mart currently has 278 stores, as well as a to sell its wares. People who are interested in either the store card or the Stein Mart Style Platinum MasterCard, can apply on the website or at any of their stores.

Once approved for the card people get access to extra savings, including the 10% off ten times a year. To get started they get 10% off their first purchase as a bonus. These discounts cannot be used when buying certain kinds of merchandise, including Stein Mart gift cards and Stein Mart virtual gift cards.

People also get e-mail notification of sales events ahead of everyone else, as well as special savings for their birthday the entire month. Individuals who are approved for the Stein Mart Style MasterCard will be able to use it both in the store and at all locations that accept MasterCard.

More from Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial has recently partnered with or extended their credit card agreements with other retailers over the past year, including P. C Richards and Newegg. They also brokered a deal with PayPal, so that they would continue overseeing their Dual Card credit portfolio in both the U.S and Puerto Rico, which includes the PayPal Extras MasterCard and the eBay MasterCard.