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News: The Chase Blueprint Program is cut -

The Chase Blueprint program was designed to provide cardholders with a way to not only manage their credit cards but to also keep their interest low. If you have been using Chases Blueprint you will have to find another way to go because Chase is discontinuing the program. It is slated to be cut from Chase's line up on November 11, 2018.

When the program was rolled out it was available to cardholders with a wide range of Chase credit cards, including the Ink credit card and Sapphire credit card. Cardholders were reportedly notified via secure message about the program being discontinued. The decision to end the Blueprint program was reportedly made because it was not as popular with cardholders as they expected it would be.

What's the Blueprint Program?

The Blueprint program was designed to provide cardholders with a variety of options when it came to managing their credit cards and money. The options and tools were all given descriptive names, including Full Pay, Split, Finish it and Track it.

Each option gave cardholders a way to manage their purchases and payments. For instance with Full Pay, cardholders can pick the categories that they want to pay off each month in full, whether they want to pay off groceries, pet supplies, gas or something else. This option paves the way for cardholders to only pay interest on the purchases that aren't in these categories.

Now it might be tempting to think the Split option is about splitting a check, but it's not, it actually lets cardholders create an payment plan for big-ticket purchases. When using this option the system calculates how long it will take for the cardholder to pay the purchase off using either the amount they can afford to pay each month or the cards interest rate.

Finish it, is a tool that does exactly what its name suggests - it helps cardholders create a game plan that lets them pay off their credit card balance. The game plan is created based upon how long they want to take to pay it off or the amount of money they want to pay each month.

Last but not least Track It can be used to create a budget. The system also includes a wide range of graphs so people can visually track where they have been and where they are going when it comes to staying on their budget.

After Blueprint

Those people who were relying on Blueprint to help with their budgeting can check out a variety of apps providing similar tools. People who are using the Split option may want to check in with Chase before the programs expiration date to see if their installment plan is still in effect.