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News: The New Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus World MasterCard -

Citizens Bank has rolled out their new Cash Back Plus World MasterCard, offering cardholders 1.8% cash back when they go shopping. This is an upgraded version of their previous card. With this new version, cardholders can earn unlimited rewards.

Cardholders earn rewards on all purchases, and there are no categories to wrangle with when shopping, whether they are buying a big ticket item or hitting the grocery store. This card was designed to provide cardholders with more value.

"We are very excited to introduce this enhanced card, which dramatically increases the cash rewards going back into the hands of our customers," said Brendan Coughlin, head of Consumer Deposits and Lending.

"It's simple, with no confusing 'gotchas.' The rewards are unlimited. It's powerful. And it will offer our customers one of the best cashback rates available," he added.

No annual fee and other benefits

There is no annual fee for the Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus World MasterCard. When traveling around the world cardholders will not have to pay any foreign transaction fees, which can be a real money saver.

Cardholders can also take advantage of balance transfers with low APR's. Zero liability protection is also part of this package, which can come in handy if there is a security breach. They have also included travel accident and baggage delay insurance with this credit card package.

The Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus World is also outfitted with chip technology.

To get more information about this card, people can check out the website.

Rewards are popular

Have you ever wondered if credit card rewards are still attractive to consumers? The answer is yes according to the 2017 TSYS U.S. Consumer Payment Study.

Citizens Bank points out that in the study TSYS found that credit card rewards are still important to consumers, so much so 75% indicate that the card they use most lets them earn rewards. This number represents a real upswing from 2015 when just 58% of people had a reward earning credit card in their wallet. They also found that 78% of people said that their favorite card offers cash back.

Citizen's Bank also points out that a recent study conducted by JD Power brings home the point that cash is still king with consumers, and that programs offering cash back have the highest satisfaction levels. They also discovered that store cards and airline cards ranked low with consumers when it came to satisfaction.