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News: Upping Your ATM Security -

Whether hitting the ATM to get money out or to do some other banking keeping an eye on ATM security is important, and PNC Bank has come out with six tips to help consumers protect themselves against thieves. Their tips include everything from safeguarding your pin to being picky about which ATM you use.

While things have changed over the years when it comes to how we do banking and ATM’s have evolved PNC Bank points out that there are still criminals lurking about, so it’s important to know your ATM. How? Check the machine you're using, give it a wiggle or a tug to see if the card reader moves, if it seems to be loose or has tape on it, move on to another machine, it may be outfitted with a skimmer, which will steal your card information and pin number.

Beware of strangers

We tell our kids to beware of strangers, and the same holds true for adults when using the ATM. Just saying no when a stranger offers you some help is a good rule of thumb. Why? They may be a criminal in disguise. Going hand in hand with this tip is the suggestion that people be picky about what ATMs they use – go with ones that are well lit and in full view of other people.

Other tips include:

• Covering the keypad with your hand when keying in your pin

• Keep the amount of time you’re at the ATM short

• Memorize your pin

PNC’s commercial app gets Apple Pay

PNC has also upgraded their mobile app, a move that lets Visa commercial cardholders use Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay to make purchases whether that’s picking up supplies or booking a business trip.

"Businesses recognize the growing need to make payments fit the new 'digital-first' lifestyle of their corporate cardholders," said Vicky Bindra, global head of products and solutions for Visa.

"Visa's collaboration with PNC is helping bring the convenience and security of mobile payments to their corporate cardholders and meet the growing demand for convenient business payments for everyone, everywhere," she said.