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News: You May See A COVID-19 Surcharge On Your Bill -

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on big and small businesses around the world. Now, as businesses are reopening across the U.S., you might notice an extra fee on your receipt.

While businesses are allowed to reopen, they need to follow new protocols, which means extra costs for businesses, like regularly sanitizing surfaces and providing personal protective equipment for staff and clients. This is complicated by reduced consumer flow and higher prices from suppliers. All these factors make it harder for businesses to pay for rent and survive.

As a result, some businesses started to increase their prices to recover from losses caused by the coronavirus. The others started to add a new extra charge called the coronavirus or COVID-19 tax/surcharge to a bill. So next time you get your hair cut or eat out, take a closer look at your receipt to see if you are being charged this new fee.

Currently, not all businesses are charging this coronavirus tax, so you can try to avoid it. Simply ask if the business you visit charges an extra fee to cover any COVID-19 charges. For example, if a business charges for face masks it provides to clients, you can bring your own face mask to avoid the fee. Or you can simply look for a business that does not charge this fee.