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Nearly every third person in America has some credit problem or another. It is difficult to keep track of things with credit cards and many first timers end up making mistakes in their judgment easily. Once you make an error in your credit card payment, your credit score gets affected. If your credit score drop and you have a bad credit report it will take well over 7 years to get out of the situation. People often get tired of credit problems and look for quick fix solutions.

Removing records of bankruptcy from their credit report and magically wiping away all traces of things having gone wrong would seem highly appealing, but things do not work in this way. Credit cards can be quite a problem if not dealt with carefully. Having extra spending power can be a heady feeling for most people however these companies which offer quick fix solutions and also a new identity free of all blemishes are often illegitimate.

These companies more often than not aim to promise those people who have poor credit history that their credit problems can be fixed and that they will have a clean report allowing them to have their mortgage, car loan or whatever else they may be aiming for. Do not believe these people who offer to clean up your credit report, they are merely scams who will take away most of your money ad leave you right where you started from, in debt.

When you get an email claiming that you will be relived from all your credit woes soon enough and that they will charge you a so called "nominal fee" do not sign up. Every individual has the right to receive a free credit report from the credit bureau annually. If you have been asked to refrain from contacting the national credit bureau, which is the first sign of them being a fraudulent company. Inventing a new credit report is also a bad idea; this will not be a legal means to do this. Rather it is illegal to assume a false identity to escape debt.

Every individual has certain rights according to the fair credit reporting act. Each of the se person`s are entitled to be told within 60 days in writing if they have been denied employment, a loan, auto insurance or mortgage. In case your report has some in discrepancies in your credit report, you have full rights to dispute it and clarify all the errors contained therein. While communicating with the authorities in this regard always follow a written trial which will help with proof later.

In case there is any problem with the credit report there is absolutely no need to pay fro contesting any errors in the statement. You can go ahead and request for clarification and also for complete information with regard to the report you have been given. The dispute must be investigated within 30 days by the company as per law. You must take all steps necessary to be sure that all information is authenticated properly.