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Credit card bills are something everyone has. What makes it difficult is when the means to pay is not there or when you find that you are suddenly overwhelmed by all the financial decisions that are looming. There are loans, mortgages and over that credit card bills which seem never ending. Things are bad and you may have missed a couple of months of payments. It is not necessary that it will completely pull you down. It will certainly have been reported to the credit bureaus and will have had an impact on your credit scores, but it is not something that cannot be improved upon. So long as you know you need to start someplace and that there is a way out, you can work things out somehow.

Bad credit refers to the blemishes acquired when someone neglects to pay on time or misses a due date altogether. When there is a lag in the payments then there is a bad credit situation. This is something a lot of families in America are dealing with. Particularly post recession, without a stable job and a steady income it is getting too difficult for people to work with their existing credit situation. When you have a bad credit situation to deal with you need to start at the beginning. Firstly request for an annual credit statement from the credit unions so you know where you stand with your credit scores. Once you know where you are at you will know how hard you need to work and how much you need to pull yourself back on track.

Things need not be extremely difficult or impossible if you have a will to get out of debt. You should also be aware of your rights as a consumer. You have a right to sue the creditors or file a complaint if they are calling you and harassing you at odd hours or contacting neighbors or people at work about your debts. There are fixed timings at which they can call you and they may discuss your debts only with you and no one else unless someone has been authorized by you to discuss it. There are also debt counselors who can help you find a way back when things seem to be going bad. They can discuss what your options are and also what needs to be done to set things right.

When you have worked your way through the debt situation and got a foot hold on paying what you owe back, you need to organize your life more. Firstly check out what are additional purchases and luxuries you indulge in that you can cut down on. Stop paying for everything with your credit card. Use it only for something that is extremely important and cannot be done without. For everything else pay with your debit card, if you can`t afford it don`t buy it. What you buy on credit will require payments over and above the amount when the interests add up.