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What makes a person credit worthy? An individual is credit worthy when his credit score is good to excellent. One's credit score can be checked through the three major credit bureaus - TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. But when a person has no credit history or has never been a borrower before, there is no credit score to look on making him a bad candidate fir a credit card or a loan approval.

Some people think that having no credit history is a good thing but the truth is that it could bring a negative impact especially when you are planning of getting a loan or a mortgage. Since you don't have a record yet, lenders don't have any basis whether it is risky investing on you or not. But how could you get a credit if you haven't had any before?

While credit or FICO score is the major factor that determines your eligibility of a loan and a credit card, there are some other factors that can help you with your prospect of establishing a good credit history.

There is no need to rush for there are no short cuts. When you are approached by certain people or companies promising you a very fast way of establishing your credit history, better not be lured or you'll only end up wasting more time and effort with no result at all.

If you really are serious in establishing your credit history, here are some tings that you should already start working on as early as now:

Keep in mind that lenders consider your employment record or history to be a very important thing. If lenders find a lot of unemployment, it could give them an idea that you can not stay in one company for a longer time and unemployment would mean no income for you. Without income, you may likely leave a lot of dues unpaid. Keep your job and lenders will certainly keep you.

Moving out every now and then is a no-no when you`re considering of having a good credit history. Even if the house is a joint property, it is important that you stay there longer.

Credit bureau records do not keep a record of your bank account but it could be a good place to keep started with. Bank account will not improve the credit score but lenders could be convinced that you deserve a first-time credit with a good standing bank account; keeping a good relationship with the bank will also give you good chances of acquiring loan from them or using their credit card.

The advantage of having a good credit history is that you easily get approved with a loan application when urgent need arise. Now, once that you get approved of your first credit always remember to manage your spending or you'll drown yourself with high debt.

Again, you need to be very patient and you'll get your credit soon. No one can fix your credit history than yourself so listen not to banks or people assuring you of a quick fix in exchange for cash.