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Do you believe in the all-powerful credit repair agencies? Do you really think they take your credit problems as seriously as you do? In fact, they earn fortunes on their promises to restore your credit standing and on your faith in their ability to do it.

Oftentimes, however, their efforts go no further than just promises and you are left with the same or even bigger debt than before. Your position is twice as disappointing because the greater trouble has been caused at no fault of yours.

Maybe, it's time to take the matters into your own hands?

There is an efficient credit repair tool proving that the best strategy is a self-help strategy which can make your journey to a better credit rating more enjoyable and incomparably less costly. It is a prepaid debit card which, providing the option of reporting your monthly payments to credit bureaus, allows you to quickly restore your damaged credit and achieve a really valuable credit score.

A prepaid debit card is an easy game and a really big deal when it comes to obtaining the necessary skills and means of managing your finances and debt. How does this card help you recover from unfavorable credit records and even bankruptcy?

The thing is, lots of prepaid debit cards come with a credit builder program, which ensures monthly report of your payments to one or more credit bureaus. On examining all the possible pitfalls that a customer may face using this card, we found none.

In fact, you are protected from a new debt, as a prepaid debit card allows you a spending capacity no greater than the amount you loaded the card with. Yes, to activate this card, you need to load it beforehand with your own money.

At first, you may wonder what benefit you get as a customer. It is not a credit card, it offers no rewards typical of a regular card offer for good and excellent payment history; it does not give you that cherished status of a Gold or Platinum cardholder. Then why apply for this plastic?

It appears that its offer to report your accurate payment behavior to the national credit bureaus alone is worth efforts to become its owner. With no chances to accumulate debt, with the convenience of a standard credit card, you make everyday purchases and have your credit history steadily improving.

Easy, secure and fast. There is no requirement to establish a bank account to be approved for a prepaid debit card, nor is there a credit check to see if you qualify. You will, however, be charged a certain fee to cover the cost of the credit builder service but it is times less hurting than the hefty fees and enormous interest rates usually imposed on a bad credit customer.

What's more, the fee which is attached to your monthly card statement shows your long-lasting activity within the card payment system and it adds to your credit history just well.

You will surely appreciate some other great options offered by a prepaid debit card apart from the credit builder. The ability to earn referral cash - money for a new member you brought into the system - allows you to earn some income while rebuilding credit. The ability to enroll into a drawing to win a new car is just another great offer on a prepaid debit card.

What can be better for your damaged credit than the ability to control the improving process and enjoy it?