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We all have our secrets. But is your credit card one of them? If your married, you may find yourself hiding credit card statements to hide how much of your money or their money that you have actually spent. A new survey by found that 11% of married people kept their spouse away from their credit card statements.

The main reason for the secrecy - spouses are afraid that their spouse would be upset with the amount of money that was spent. Also, another reason married couples kept their credit card balances away from their spouses was because they were making purchases that they intended to keep secret. To illustrate, some battered wives use their credit card to make secret purchases that could ensure their escape - such as security devices and self-defense classes. On the other hand, couples could be buying gifts for each other with their credit cards, and don`t want the other to see the purchase amount for the gift.

Other reasons why credit card statements remained secretive in a relationship include gambling, jewelry purchases, lavish weekend vacations, adult entertainment, child support payments, or even financing another relationship.

Transparency is best when it comes to relationships and credit card payments. But if you are one the consumers who finds themselves harboring a secret credit card, make sure that you pay attention to it, as you would your primary credit card. Leading a double life can be tiring, so don`t wear yourself out, talk to your spouse about what you`ve spending your private money on, or that you’ve been making some purchases that you don`t feel comfortable making on the joint credit card. Also, monitor what you`re spending your secret credit on. If you spend a lot of money dining out or on travel expenses, maybe you should switch from a traditional credit card and get a rewards card. A good rewards card can help keep your secret credit card profitable.

Also, examine the reasons for keeping your credit card secret from your spouse. Is it because you lack payment discipline? If so, take some steps to correct the financial bad habits that you have picked up along the way. The two of you can tackle this issue together, as it may bring you two closer.

Secrets in any relationship can have a negative toll. Secrets can hinder both personal and financial relationships. While it`s best to keep everything out in the open, it can be extremely frightening to bare all, airing it out will be rewarding.