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Our lifestyle today has been dictated by a society following the standards of the rich and famous. Through advertisements, we learn how they act, react, and spend. What few people realize is that this is the very reason why they are knee-deep in debt. People forget that the best way to stay credit free (and essentially hassle free), is by keeping a simple lifestyle.

What exactly does "living simple" mean? Here are a few short definitions.

* Buy only what you really need. Make a list of all the things that you need to have for everyday, whether for study, work, or recreation. Some people would reason out that they are busy to even follow their schedule, but that is where time and resource management comes in. Instead of dining out, you can try cooking at home. If you have to go to work, then it is best to pack your lunch. This way, you won`t have to eat out (and use your credit card to pay for expensive meals).

If you want to eat foreign cuisine, then seek out a friend who can prepare snacks for you. This will definitely be cheaper than eating at a restaurant. Aside from saving your income, you can also help your friend add to their family`s income. They can use this extra income as savings.

* Instead of paying someone to do the chores, do it your self and spare some time cleaning your own home. This will serve as your daily exercise, not to mention the fact that you are saving your income since you won`t need to pay for a helper!

* Manage your resources. Learn to budget your available resource and always set aside enough savings for future use and for emergency purposes. If you can help it, don`t use your credit cards. While these provide you with greater convenience, it also charges you with interest with every transaction. If it is unavoidable to use credit cards, use it wisely and always monitor you transactions. Always be aware of the interest rates and repayment terms. Discipline is always a must for credit card users.

* Always keep track of due dates for bills and other fees. Try using bill payment programs. Payment for bills can automatically be done through your bank as an automatic payment. But it is better to pay your bills in advance rather than waiting for the due date. If you fail to pay credit card dues on time, then the interests add up and it can lead to a bad credit history. It is also important to keep a record of payments. Quicken one of the top personal accounting software today is offered free online. You can also download excel template from Google Docs so you won`t need to keep a log book.

* Practicality means that you always use common sense when buying stuff. Avoid impulsive buying because chances are, the stuff you buy is not something you need. If you can, reuse things instead of buying new ones. There is no reason to sour grape when you get hand-me-downs - this is one good way of lessening your expenses. When it comes to keeping simple lifestyle, the keyword is "creativity". We need to be creative and always find ways to save.