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The student credit guide enables the students to understand the true significance and hazards involved behind possessing a student credit card. There are plenty of new credit cards available for students these days. Many well known financial institutions have come up with a student credit card facility, and thus they provide some benefits over to the students through this credit card.

Concept of credit report and credit score

The credit report of each and every student of the nation is computed when the student attains adulthood, I.e. an age of eighteen years. The credit report contains information regarding the mailing address of the student, his mode of bill payment or loan repayment, and also whether he has ever been arrested or a case has been filed against him or not. His repayment of credit card premiums also get accounted in the credit report and even meager credit amount gets accounted in the report. Timely repayment is a must. So it hardly matters if you are a defaulter while paying an amount of $10 or a large amount like $10000. Delay is a delay and gets the same treatment on every occasion. Credit score is a three digit number in the range of 300-850. This is because this is the credit score gradation on the FICO credit score scale. It is a reflection of one's credit worthiness and enables the lenders to determine the risk involved if they sanction a loan to a particular student. An individual with a good credit score is bound to get a loan at minimal rates of interest.

Purpose and benefits of student credit card

Student credit cards can prove to be a source that provides money for college expenses or other expenses in education. Students have the opportunity to earn and win scholarship reward points for being a member of the credit card authoring agencies. Moreover in addition to this, a student can have chances of earning points if he indulges in any of the activities through the student credit card.

Student credit card is a useful tool, which can be used by the student in case of an emergency situation. In critical conditions, the students might need the money to stand by their family. In such cases student might land into credit card debts and so it is very essential to have the proper knowledge and guidance about student credit cards.

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