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There are several factors that a company looks on when a person is applying for a credit card or a loan. The basis for the approval is one's credit history. When you have a bad or poor credit then you can have thin chances of getting approved. But this should not frustrate you for you still can have the chance to have what you wanted, just go ahead and build or improve your credit history.

Loans are one of the last resorts that we opt to when we are in need of immediate cash but the thing is that not everyone are approved of it. The main reason? It is because of a poor credit. Poor credit results from a lot of unpaid dues. A finance which is not well-managed is a bad indication that you may not be able to repay the loan.

While it is so easy to incur a lot of debts and damage your credit reputation, it is very hard to 'mend' it. The worse thing about it is that some banks or credit card companies won't even give you the chance to establish your credit. Having a poor credit history or having no history at all can be easily resolved. Check out on this steps and information and let them be your guide.

The employment history:

A person who has a long record of stay on his job is a good indication of how established he is when it comes to employment. If you are planning of rebuilding your history then stay as much as possible; refrain from jumping from one company to another. Being unemployed sure is a reason for non-payment of dues.

Your residency:

The longer you stay in one place, the better it will do for your credit score. Like your job, lenders also would prefer people who do not move frequently.

Your bank account:

It will be a plus for you when a lender sees that you are able to maintain a bank and or checking account. This is a good indication that you are good in managing your finances. The longer you are able to maintain it then the higher your chances are.

These are just the basic things you need to learn about credit history. You may want to consult an expert on this or your bank for some other alternatives and guidelines. When you're able to establish it, make an effort not to blur that reputation again.