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Research: How to get credit cards with no credit history -

Having a credit card is important in today`s society. It`s more of a convenience than a necessity these days. Apart from being a convenience, you also need it to build a credit score when you do not have a credit history. It can get very difficult to cope as a cash only customer.

Now it is obvious that you can get a credit card without a credit history or in other words no credit history. This is because when you first apply for a credit card, you will not have a credit history as a credit card is the only way to build one from scratch. You could also get a secured loan and repay it, but this is too much of a burden and will require a lot more paper work.

To be clear about it, having no credit history is better than having a bad credit history when you go to apply for a credit card. It will take seven years for your bad records to disappear in total, and in this period, you will not be able to get any loans or credit cards with good terms and conditions due to your bad credit status.

A no credit check card is a good solution for people who do not have a credit record. These are basically prepaid cards that do not offer credit facilities. You do not need a credit check, and you can spend only that amount that is loaded onto the card.

However, in order to build a credit history, you will have to first start out by opening a bank account. Opening a bank account will require you to show some form of identification proving permanent residency in the country. You can also show some sort of letter from your office or school in order to get an account. Getting a referral from someone who already has an account is also fine. Once you maintain the account for a couple of months, you can then apply for a credit card. Make sure that you apply for a credit card with a bank that will surely approve your application. If you are rejected, your credit record will suffer. Again, it`s better to remain with no credit history rather than tarnishing your credit history.

Try opening a credit account only after you have a regular income source. This will help your case when you want to get it approved. Showing regular income statements is a good way of getting it approved without any hassles. You can also show tax receipts to prove that you are getting paid regularly.

Many people are stuck with no credit history due to various circumstances. This can be due to the fact that you just got out of school; you just got into the country and are trying to establish yourself or you have not been able to maintain a credit card due to the lack of a stable job. In any case, you need to take the steps mentioned above to get a credit card.