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Getting credit cards without credit history or a good credit score is futile. However, all is not lost when you don`t have a credit history. There are certainly some ways in which you can get credit without credit history. In fact, you can get cards to carry out your online transactions without having any credit history, this is also a great way to start registering your purchases, and building your credit.

No credit and bad credit, cared cards

There are quite a few lenders who are willing to lend to customers who don`t have any credit history. In fact, it is quite a huge risk to lend to customers who don`t have any credibility or history. However, some credit card issuers use this as an opportunity to make money with higher interest rates, and different types of charges and fees being levied on the cards. Nevertheless, if one wants to build their credit history and keep recording their purchases so that in the future, credit is available to them easily, these are the right cards to start with. One has to be disciplined and careful in the way these cards are used because the rates are high and the credit also limited. However, at the end of the day when there is no choice any credit is welcome.

Prepaid and secured cards

Both of these, in a way, cannot be referred to as credit being available to the customers. In case of the prepaid cards, the customers actually have to pay the money upfront and get the prepaid card from departmental stores or gas stations or, wherever they could be found. In case of secured cards, the customer has to deposit some money in their bank account which would be deducted every time the customer fails to make the timely payments on the card. This is a good way of reducing the risk from the perspective of the credit card issuers. On the other hand, for the customers, if they can get these cards from a place that reports to the credit bureaus, they can start building their credit history and FICO score without the risk of high interests and hidden charges. In this case, they wouldn`t have to worry about paying a fine while exceeding the credit limit, because they can never really do so. On the other hand, all their purchases are registered too, which means that they can use it for their credit history.

Instant approv credit cards

These are credit cards where customers can apply online and almost find out immediately if they would get this credit card. In most cases, the credit history isn`t checked and the customers get the card anyway which is one thing that those with no credit history could use to a great extent. These instant approval cards are offered by quite a few lenders that customers can find online.