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Research: 3 Retail Perks Your Credit Card Can Get You -

Sure you take your credit card with you everywhere you go, but do you really know that piece of plastic? Unless you spend your nights reading through the fine print on your credit card contract, you may not be too familiar with all the benefits your credit card can offer you. Luckily, you don`t have to flip through tons of pages to find out all the good things that your credit card can do for you. When it comes down to it, your credit card can save you more money that you ever thought possible.

If you press further than low interest rates, cash back rewards, and reduced penalty fees, you can see that your credit card has a little bit more to offer. Here are seven advantages of having a credit card that you may not have known about.

  1. Concert Tickets
  2. Credit card companies are pretty well connected. In fact, many of the major credit card companies sponsor many sporting events and concerts. And these companies actually set aside tickets and great seats at a discounted price for inquiring consumers. Discover and Visa sponsor many big time stadium proceedings. American Express cardholders can log onto Ticketmaster to get advance tickets. Also, the major credit card issuers allow cardholders to get exclusive VIP tickets, just for being a valued customer.

  3. Purchase Protection
  4. Many people don`t know that they don’t have to dish out that extra money for the extended warranty; your credit card may have you covered. Although it`s best to deal directly with the merchant when there is a problem with your purchase, if the merchant doesn`t honor your requests, your credit card can help you out. Call up your credit card`s customer service and explain to them your dilemma with your damaged item, and the credit card issuer will contact a third-party that will compensate you for a replacement item. Claim costs vary depending on the credit card issuer, but most cards cover cardholders for $1,000 annually.

  5. Online Bonuses
  6. Everyone shops online, but not everyone knows how to save money while doing it. You`re your credit card can help. Even the most basic cash-back rewards credit card can be beneficial if you choose to shop on the credit card issuers` website or catalog. Some merchant websites are linked to credit card issuers, and share the same reward percentages. Discount malls by Bank of America and Capital One offer traditional cash back rebates rates between one and five percent of the purchase total. But other online merchants go as far as offering 20 percent cash back.