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A lot of consumers are on the hunt for the best rewards credit card, but little do they know that your standard credit card has some rewards that you might not even knew existed. Here are a few of the things you probably didn`t know that your credit card can do for you.

  1. Return Protection. If a store doesn`t accept your return, you may be covered under the refund protection offered with your credit card. These refunds are usually good for 60 days.
  2. Price Protection. If the price of an item drops right after you buy it, you may be able to get the difference in money back with your credit card. The two leading credit card issuers, MasterCard and Visa will give you 60 days to document the price difference. Upon documentation, you will be credited for the said amount.
  3. Purchase Protection.MasterCard, Visa and American Express all offer 90 days of insurance against accidental damage and/or theft on all purchases.
  4. Dispute Help. In situations where you have used a credit card for payment and there is a dispute between you and the retailer your credit card company will run to your rescue if you felt that you were taken advantage of by the retailer.
  5. Luggage Insurance.The Department of Transportation (DOT) limits how much lost luggage can be claimed, but if your luggage is worth more your credit card company may help you out with extra insurance. For example, American Express offers over $1,200 in insurance for all carry-on bags, and up to $500 for checked bags.
  6. Extended Warranties. Credit card companies have extended warranties that offer protection for up to a year.
  7. Travel Accident Insurance. High-end premium credit cards have anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 in travel accident insurance. Travel accident insurance covers you if you, the cardholder, die in a plane, ship or train. The credit card only covers you if paid for that particular trip with a credit card. If you travel frequently, let your family know about this benefit.
  8. Trip Cancellation Insurance. If your trip is cancelled for a variety of reasons -  including injury or illness, you may be covered. This policy differs from credit card to credit card, so it is in your best interest to ask how your credit card provider covers you if your trip is cancelled.
  9. Get In For Cheap.This also depends on the card you have. Discover cardholders will be excited to know that they get a 5% discount on Six Flag merchandise, season passes and parking. Bank of America credit card cardholders get in free to over 150 museums across the nation, on the first weekend of every month.