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Credit cards are one of the most versatile tools ever. These plastic cards are no doubt extremely useful tools in today's fast paced life. There are a number of different kinds of cards, from banks and even from stores specific to the brand name. The easiest time to get a credit card is during college. Apply for a prepaid credit card. There is no better way to build a credit history and you can start early with a secured card where the payments are already taken care of. There is no danger of being a defaulter. Do be careful when picking out a rewards card as there may outrageous annual fees on them or high interest rates which will leave you in bad shape.

When choosing a card look for one that has low annual fees and application fee. Also look for any hidden clauses regarding low interest rates. If it is a promotional offer or something you will end up paying through your nose to close the balance amount on it. There are also cards which start of as secured and then change to an unsecured regular one with reasonable interest rates. Picking such cards will allow you to stabilize your credit history before going for the regular cards in the market.

There are store cards available which work much like credit cards from nearly all the big brands like Target, K mart, Wal-Mart and more. These cards offer great deals on purchases and also reward points which can be accumulated and redeemed over a period of time. Take care to be sure that your reward points will be carried forward. There are some cards that offer unbelievable rewards but only if it is used within a stipulated period after which to redeem the point's additional fees are incurred.

There are credit card offers specific to the customer's needs. For those with a big spending budget there are high profile cards which are given only to exclusive high end customers. These cards will come with numerous benefits on high end business transactions, great deals on airfare and hotels. However they will also have higher interest rates and associated fees.

Cards are also available offering specific incentives for the student population. There are student cards which give good deals on popular clothing stores and CD's. There are also card with cash back offers or deals on gas. With so many different offers in the market picking one can be difficult.

Whichever card you choose to pick it is important to manage your money efficiently. It is suggested by financial experts that the debit to credit ratio is generally maintained at half and half. Drawing maximum limit on your card every time is not a wise decision unless you can pay it off in one go at the end of it when the bills come. If you have a good balance between your debit and credit accounts managing your credit is easy. Loans and mortgages or insurance deals will also be more in your favor if you have maintained clean credit records.