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The holiday season is approaching quite quickly and there are a lot of credit card offers from many card issuers. However with so many offers all around and with so many different parameters, choosing the right credit card might be a tough difficult. Therefore you need to follow certain parameters to ensure that you are indeed getting the right deal.

Are you planning to spend big?

If you are then this holiday indeed might be the best for you. If your purchases could touch 500 dollars or more in the next couple of months, then there is a good chance that you can get one of those cards which offer thousands of bonus miles for customers reaching specific milestones as far as charging the card is concerned. You can redeem these bonus miles either for rebates on your tickets or for purchases at shopping malls. Similarly there are other cards which are offering cash back to customers who reach specific milestones of spending. Therefore you can choose cards which have great rewards for big purchases in the next few months.

Are you stuck with an outstanding balance?

If you are stuck with an outstanding balance and are concerned about the high interest rates, then you can choose a Citibank credit card or cards from Discover that offer 0% APR for lengthy periods. Citibank cards may have at least a year or more for the introductory period which is quite a significant time, saving you a lot on the interest paid. The balance transfer fee is also on the lower side. That way you can stop worrying about building interests and instead concentrate on paying some of the outstanding that is due on your card.

Do you have a sizeable debt but don't want to race against time?

It is all about choosing the right card that suits you. If you are averse to choosing balance transfer cards purely because, you don't want to race against time to pay off the balance, then there are quite a few card issuers offering you low APR credit cards. These cards have a standard interest which remains stable unlike the 0 APR cards where as soon as the introductory period is over, the interest rate on the card shoots up really high. Choosing interests and rewards based on the balances you have is quite important at all times in order to avoid falling in a trap.